EDF2012 Invited Talk: Jimmy Kevin Pedersen - Agency for Digitization, Ministry of Finance, Denmark

Jimmy Kevin Pedersen

The EDF2012 organising team is happy to announce Jimmy Kevin Pedersen of the Agency for Digitization - Ministry of Finance, Denmark - as an invited talk speaking about 'New trends in public service and Citizens Communication' in Denmark.

Jimmy Kevin Pedersen is Head of the Agency of Digitization at the Ministry of Finance, and External Lecturer for business management at the University of Copenhagen. He was previously Director at Implement Management Consulting, Partner at Muusmann/Cowi, Director of Fujitsu Services, Vice President at the  Municipality of Copenhagen and Management Consultant at Ernst & Young Management Consulting.
New trends in public service and Citizens Communication

Jimmy Kevin Pedersen will talk about the new Danish public strategy for digitasation 2011 - 2015, the focus on self-service, the good business-case and the considerations about supporting citizens with low it-skills.